Christmas is not only for children, for grownups, too!
 Here’s how we enjoyed the season.

Whilst we wait for Christmas, between mince pies, I wanted to add something different for tea.
Spiced fruits, nuts and marzipan are in the dough, I  put colourful cherries on top of it.
Didn’t last long!

Christmas Cake
A very traditional “boozy” English Christmas cake, coated marzipan and icing.

One is for Richard’s parents, the other one is for his uncle, as one of our gifts. 

Whenever we crack open a bottle of bubbly ,these are needed, aren’t they?
Chicken liver pate with cranberry jelly on brioche, 
smoked salmon&dill, ham&cheese quiche

As Richard’s parents are not keen on smoked salmon, we have this Russian fish pie with tartar sauce,  as a  starter for our Christmas dinner. 
It’s filled with fish(this year I used cod) , rice, boiled eggs and herbs , rolled with puff pastry, sprinkled with poppy seeds. Should be eaten the following day, when all flavours are fully matured.                                      

Christmas dinner table of 2011

Turkey and cranberry sauce, stuffing, roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts and chestnuts etc.
We are one of the millions of families in England to have typical “Christmasy” dinner which we love!
                                            Happy Holiday to you all !
Celebrate with Richard’s Favourites

As he announced in “Richard’s Novels” page, his first book “The Devil’s Tattoo” has been released as a Kindle edition form Amazon. Then, his birthday followed. Celebrations!

I show you some of Richard’s  favourites, when we have a little celebrations on our table. Yes, I love pampering him!

He’s always happy, if SUHSI is on the table. This is Osaka’s speciality ‘Hako SUSHI’ means  boxed Sushi with mackerels. I often make trout one as well.

Ham hock terrine. This is a recent hit. Takes a little time to make, but worth it.


Fillet of venison roti with port and dark chocolate sauce
Steak and chips is always a winner and was always easy in Japan, where we can get delicious tender beef on the day we’d like. Here in England, it is a tricky job. It is all about the beef, nothing else but the beef!  But instead, beautiful venison makes him smile. 

Roasted venison with porcini and chestnuts

This year’s birthday cake. 



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